String Bikinis

If you’re looking for the ultimate attention-grabbing beachwear that’s so hot it’s illegal in some locales, then the string bikini is what you’re after.  What makes a string bikini bottom so special?  Well, it definitely isn’t “value for the money”.  String bikinis can be more expensive than other swimsuits, and they cover FAR less real estate.  Needless to say, they’re not for the shy or inhibited. The reason they are so popular is because they cover so very little.

Ever since the bikini was invented in the 1940s, suit designs have grown steadily smaller every year.  Each season we thought we’d seen the tiniest swimwear ever, only to be wowed by even smaller designs the season after that.  One thing’s for sure, the string bikini is here to stay.  It has multiple purposes, and should be part of any sun-worshipping bikni lover’s wardrobe.

The string bikini is obviously great for tanning because of how little skin is covered, but it can also serve other purposes.  Imagine an intimate evening with that special someone. A string bikini bottom or thong can be worn as intimate apparel!  There aren’t too many men who wouldn’t love to have their woman dressed in a thong and little else doing a sexy striptease for them!

What if I can’t wear a string bikini?

Nonsense!  There aren’t too many body types that just wouldn’t fit in a thong.  Many women are hesitant to wear a string bikini because they believe they have to have the perfect body first.  The great thing is that there’s no such thing as a “perfect body”.  Your unique shape is what makes you human, and what makes you special.  The one main ingredient for being able to successfully wear a thong isn’t physical, it’s mental.  When you feel sexy, you are sexy. Strolling down the beach with confidence and your head held high is sure to solicit plenty of positive attention.